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Work with us

Looking for new talents and relationships, Santos & Santana Advogados constantly improves its Human Resources policy. Aware of the dynamics of the current generation of associates and trainees, the office invests in the career of those who are willing to contribute to the growth and improvement of the team.


Internship program

Valuing people committed to the Study of Law and aiming to improve their human resources, the office developed an internship program, an opportunity for those who want to prove their talent and determination.

Differentials of the Internship Program

  • Periodical Presentations
  • The trainee  periodically is invited to make a presentation to all members of the office  with previously defined themes .
  • In addition to the presentation a good performance is considered for bonus evaluation.
  • Simulated audience
  • We encourage our trainees in the contact with professional practice through simulated audiences.
  • This is the opportunity to show your potential and learn from the most experienced lawyers.
  • Strategy meetings
  • Lawyers assist trainees to find solutions and case studies;
  • In the strategy meeting we give feedback to trainees re their work performance.
  • Efficiency Bonus
  • At Santos & Santana, the trainee who participates in the activities of the office and demonstrates learning and commitment is   rewarded, in accordance with the goals and bonus policy.


Requirements for participation in the selection process

  • Students in the 3rd and 5th grades  of Law Schools;
  • Have the interest and skill to work in the area offered  by  the office with openings;
  • Be committed and proactive willing to meet the internship program;
  • Have advanced English.


Basic knowledge required

  • Skills and requirements: good communication, dedication, team spirit, knowledge of Civil Law and Civil Litigation Process, want to learn, be objective and determined  and interested to become an office lawyer after graduation.
  • Languages: a test will be applied in Portuguese and English;
  • Law: knowledge of the fundamentals of Civil Law and Civil Procedure, in addition to the specific knowledge as announced.


Selection process

The selection process is performed quarterly. To participate, just sign up and wait for a message with the date of the next test. The steps are as follow:

  • Register and send curriculum with school records;
  • Schedule of Portuguese and English tests;
  • General knowledge of Law;
  • Personal Interview;
  • Publish results of the selection process.


Lawyer & Career

Santos & Santana Advogados values the relationships built throughout its history, proving to be an organization that values the career of the members and associates who are part of the team. The firm has developed an associative model based on partnership with committed and proven competent lawyers, valuing efficiency and performance.

If you are interested in becoming part of Santos & Santana Advogados, fill out the form below and send copy of your resumé. We will contact you soon!

  • Opportunity
  • At S&S, lawyers are free to appoint clients in any area of expertise.
  • The indications are well paid and can be formalized by the company or the associate, depending on the area of operation.
  • Flexible worktime  management
  • Members and associates do not have fixed working time, and may   execute their activities according to demand;
  • The legal issues and cases are discussed among partners, associates and trainees and imply an intense exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • Recognition
  • Good performance is recognized by our firm S&S. Invest to improve the knowledge of Laws is one of the priorities of the office;
  • S&S is well known for respect and honor agreements. Members and associates participate and are rewarded for the positive results of the office.