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O novo site Santos&Santana 2017 está no ar.

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To develop with transparency and honesty the legal practice honoring its commitment to the clients, seeking the most efficient solution and bringing prosperity to itself and to the community.


To become a clustering center of individuals active and committed to personal and professional development, fostering individual  and  collective  development and  growth through the exercise and commitment of their work.


Honor: Take responsibility for their actions  ideas  and own decisions. Be reliable and consistent. Measure their actions  and  values  to do the right thing.

Be Proactive: Be aware that action  change the world. See purpose in their professional activity. Be proactive and think ahead.

Altruism: Develop its full potential. Meet and exceeds the client’s needs and expectations as the main purpose of the office and the common wellbeing as an individual target. Keep in mind that individual growth is everybody growth.